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Truth, Trust & Traceability

Credentials & Certifications
Exceeding Standards

We provide an unwavering commitment to global Tier-1 Quality, Certifications and in-house proprietary knowledge of counterfeit part testing services, that result in saving our clients thousands of dollars. We actively renew and maintain current certifications and aim to meet or exceed industry quality standards.

ISO 9001:2015






Tier 1 Quality
B2 Micro's Truth

  • Industry leading certifications & credentials
    • AS 9120 – B2 Micro Tech meets or exceeds the rigorous quality & safety standards for aerospace management & distribution of electronic components.
    • ISO 9001:2015 – B2 Micro Tech meets or exceeds international Quality Management Systems standard of goods & services for the electronic component industry.
    • ITAR – B2 Micro Tech meets or exceeds the United States Government standards & guidelines of defense-related products, services, and data.
    • ERAI – ERAI membership provides access to a global network of resources to help identify high-risk suppliers and detect counterfeit electronic components.
    • GIDEP – GIDEP membership gives B2 Micro access to resources that provide us with details about companies involved in incidents of suspect counterfeit parts.
  • Strict supplier management for order quality performance and initial evaluations. All test reports are stored for up to 10 years.

Tier 1 Quality
B2 Micro's Trust

B2 Micro possesses 30+ years of combined industry expertise and knowledge. We are fully committed to doing what we say and provide complete client transparency.

  • B2 CEO, Kevin Doherty – 20+ years of industry experience.
  • B2 Purchasing Team – 10+ years industry strong.
  • B2 Quality Management – Dedicated to ensuring all testing, policies and procedures are documented, integrated and fully implemented daily.

Tier 1 Quality
B2 Micro's Traceability

  • In-house inspections designed to streamline and better define testing services, resulting in flexibility that enables more cost-effective pricing structures, in a shorter period of time.
  • B2 Micro employs a full-time, in-house Quality Manager
  • In-house 200x calibrated digital microscope that performs comprehensive visual inspections.
  • Tier-1 Quality 3rd Party AS6081 / AS6171 certified and approved testing facilities:
    • AS6081 / AS6171 A1-A6 Level C – For military and medical companies
    • Full basic authentication testing – for automotive/transportation & commercial companies
    • JTAG – Speed test

Our Commitment to Excellence
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B2 Micro Technologies is your dependable go-to global electronics distribution partner. We are defined by our core values, “Truth, Trust and Traceability”.


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