Every year at CES & tech shows around the country, we find ourselves amazed at the advances in the automotive & transportation sector in particular. However, in recent times, since CES 2022, we have seen great focus & innovation in fully autonomous vehicles. Although fully un-manned vehicles are not ready for prime time on major DOT highways, they are in full-swing offroad, such as in agriculture/farming and autonomous tractors, for example by John Deere. With the the ever expanding strict EPA guidelines, the push is for automotive & transportation manufacturers to head towards full EV vehicle line-ups by 2030. The need for cutting edge technology is essential in the development of EV & autonomous vehicles. B2 Micro Technologies is actively participating in these modern advances alongside vehicle manufacturers to insure they have the electronic components they need, ahead of the competition.

About B2 Micro Technologies

B2 Micro Technologies specializes in the distribution of Traceable Electronic board level components, connectors, hard drives and LCD’s while focusing on the allocation of active, hard to find
or obsolete components and the provision of excess/consignment inventories. Our 30+ years of combined experience as a global component distribution partner, along with our dedicated customer relationships and exceptional service are at the foundation of what makes B2 Micro great.


Photo Credit: John Deere & Company